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Welcome to the online home of R.W. Winton, author of the Revolution series - books about queer characters in a revolutionary world.


The next book in the Revolution series is out now!

Treasonous Practices is the story of Bethiah, her unusual but beneficial marriage to Boston merchant Levi Finley, the dangers of financing a privateer, and Benedict Arnold.

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Writing Extras

Want behind-the-scenes stuff? Here you go!

Revolution Story Anvil Site - This is my "series bible" for Revolution. I have lots of fun things here like character bios, setting information, historic maps with book info added, details of the events of the war detailed in the books, timelines, and more! All pages for Book 1 are public viewable, but all other WIP books are exclusive to Patreon supporters until those books are close to publication.

Patreon - Speaking of Patreon, if you want behind-the-scenes weekly updates and the ability to read WIP books in first draft form, you can support the writing process on Patreon. NOTE: My Patreon is temporarily closed and will be reopening after my 5th book. For updates about when that happens, please subscribe to my newsletter.

Writing Music - For those interested in what I listen to when I write, I created a YouTube playlist to share. This is just a sample of the music I usually write to. (You will notice I greatly prefer music that is not in English. That's because it helps me focus better.) If you would like to know the song that I have considered the "theme song" of the series since I first developed the concept, check this out (it's in English and it's the lyrics that got me).

About the Author

R.W. Winton is a history nerd from the state of New York with a passion for telling stories that are as accurate as possible from new perspectives.

Where does the name R.W. Winton come from?

The R.W. stands for "Rev Writer" the name I used for my social media before I had chosen a pen name. The surname of Winton belongs to my 6x great-grandfather, Nathan Winton, who served throughout the American Revolution in the 5th Connecticut regiment of the Continental Army, joining in February 1777 at only 17 years old. I have confirmed him on the muster rolls for Valley Forge and the Battle of Stony Point. I presume he was also at Germantown and Monmouth. He was also a prisoner of war from June 1780 to January 1781. In June 1781 he was discharged, possibly because he'd completed his term of service or due to lingering effects of the abuses of being a POW. In November 1781 he married, then immediately reenlisted, serving in the cavalry until the dissolution of the army in 1783.

A cannon from Saratoga Battlefield.

Please consider purchasing directly from my Ko-fi shop. It allows me to keep a greater percentage of royalties, which helps me immensely, and you have the option to purchase swag.

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